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Cheap Writing Services: Are They Worth It ?

If you study at college or university, there are a lot of assignments you face, and this is true for every discipline. But apart from the huge task load, this generation of students has access to millions of academic help tools that give both official and reliable guidance and provide homework answers. And not only this — grammar checkers, anti-plagiarism instruments, dictionaries, thesauri, etc.

Having these ‘check’ services is a real privilege. But while many students already use and feel all these benefits, others are in doubt or believe that it’s the wrong way to complete college tasks. So, if this question is relevant for you, let us look at the matter and see if it is okay to hire essay writers and if it is worth it.

We will also look at the reasons why it can often be a perfect option and the features academic writing services usually offer. Let’s get started!

What Can I Get With a Legal Essay Writing Service?

The use of academic writing services solves multiple problems. On the one hand, they loosen your hands so that there is more time at your disposal to complete other tasks of a higher priority or indulge in more important activities.

To add, you can get help for fair prices and don’t pool all your savings in one task. Besides, if you seek development in the knowledge of the discipline, there’s an opportunity to move on consistently and learn from sample papers by expert authors.

Here is a short overview of features that every decent academic writing service holds. We will take the AffordablePapers tool as an example of cheap online writing services and look at what this cheap service has. This service has 13 years’ work experience and has been proven more than just another writing tool.

#1. Educated and experienced writers.

As a rule, all official services’ writing teams consist of licensed and experienced writers with years of writing practice and degrees in their major disciplines. This service is not an exception: over 500 active authors are available for hire are the heart and the brain of the service. The marks and papers’ content depends solely upon their writing talent and skills, as well as the ability to use relevant instruments.

#2. Adequate prices.

Prices. They decide a lot. If they are affordable enough, it’s not a problem to order a few tasks that feel like a burden.

Rates at AffordablePapers start at 7 USD per page.

The secret of low prices is not wasting anything on operational activity and simple service management, which make it available for ordinary students.

#3. Customer support.

At different hours of day and night, you can get answers. The support team is working on your behalf to let you make the most of the service’s features, get the most efficient help, and have your needs fulfilled. Support group members are friendly, supportive, and diligent.

They don’t keep the database with prewritten or previously used papers — every paper is created anew.

#4. Total uniqueness.

Every legal writing service will write papers from scratch (with all necessary diagrams and visuals) and review them carefully. Consulting only credible and primary sources and checking academic papers with anti-plagiarism tools makes it a worthy investment that earns you a good mark.

What is more, you can request copies of the sources these writers used.

#5. Confidential use and security.

Most services like AffordablePapers will collect your personal data such as phone number, full name, and email. This data is guaranteed to remain confidential. Besides, if you cooperate with this tool, they will only call you using one official phone number. That’s how you know that the call is from the company; at the same time, try to avoid receiving calls if they come from other numbers.

Confidentiality is also granted with encrypted connection and the privacy policy fully complying with GDPR and the use of McAfee cybersecurity software.

#6. Money-back guarantee.

This feature is crucial, so make sure you have it in the service of your choice. The money-returning works in such a way: if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the paper, the full or partial refund is given without questions.

However, this isn’t an option at this service, and this team is always eager to improve your paper and make it stand out.

#7. No-pay editing and revision.

From the previous feature, you can see that free editing and revision is also a reason to use an academic writing service. Nice services include them in the total price.

#8. Fair cooperation policy.

This means that by hiring a writer of essays, you buy this service according to the transparent terms and conditions.

#9. Timely delivery.

Along with quality and transparency of work, writing services should provide fast and in-time delivery. It’s a must for AffordablePapers as well. Here, over 98 percent of orders are delivered ahead of the deadline, and the student satisfaction rate makes 8.5 stars.

Is It Correct and Ethical to Use Academic Writing Services?

Now, having looked through the key features of academic writing companies, we can make judgments about how ethical and right it is to use them for your study.

In our opinion, arguments for this assistance are the following:

Alongside the pros, we can single out some cons:

So, this is quite ethical as you don’t steal any intellectual property. On the contrary, this is willful cooperation between you and the expert. They show you the correct example of writing academic papers — you gain more exposure to creating worthy essays.

In What Cases to Be Cautious About Using Academic Writing Services?

While there is no law violation in using services such as AffordablePapers for solving academic problems, you need to be attentive and check the policy of your educational establishment to know for sure whether your university allows it.

Read this policy for the definitions of ‘plagiarism’ and ‘paraphrasing’ to make a well-thought decision and comply with the rules.

Hence, keep in mind these arguments that we made here and make the right decision to simplify your life. We are sure that cooperating with a good and reliable service will only bring benefits and accelerate your retention of the subject!


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